Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Bottle Kids - "Such A Thrill" (2013)

The Bottle Kids

"Such A Thrill" (2013)

Who says you can't revisit the past? 

Those warm fuzzy classic power pop feelings are just a CD spin away with the force of nature that calls itself "The Bottle Kids". Recycling, or should I say "re-purposing", the essence of musical idols like Harrison, Badfinger, Matthew Sweet, Jellyfish, The Hollies, The Who, and even The Beatles to name just a few ... singer/songwriter/one-man-band Eric Blakley throws it all against the pop/rock wall of sound and surprise! Everything sticks! In your head for days! Ear-worms abound!

And you know how I love a intelligent lyric - Anybody who can work Kerouac and Hemingway into a line is Pulitzer material in my book!

Who says you can't take a look back? Not I!

Here's the plan: Grab a copy of The Bottle Kids CD ... insert in deck ... sit back and feel the unstoppable grin spread across your face. 

The CD is "Such A Thrill" on so many levels -  Give it a listen and I'm positive you'll agree! 

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