Saturday, August 17, 2013

Manna Frost Trio - "As For Martinton" (2013)

"As For Martinton" (2013)

~ And now for something completely different ~

Presenting his unique perspective on a new age of progressive Americana - Chapel Hill, North Carolina musician/producer Stacy Harden interprets and explores the far reaches of a genre that is not bound by your traditional bluegrass/Americana song structures with his latest release, "AS FOR MARTINTON".

Founded in 2011, the "Manna Frost Trio" meticulously crafts songs that draw upon those traditional Americana/folk/bluegrass roots and then infuses them with a distinctly contemporary yet progressive sound.

"AS FOR MARTINTON" provides us with a intriguing taste of prog-Americana ... 
and it's mighty satisfying.


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