Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Three Queens of Pop - Anny Celsi!

Fill your house with the power pop sounds of Biagini, Celsi, and Mychols this year! This handful of current releases from three Queens of Independent Pop are guaranteed to fill your musical coffers with hours of indie gold!  

"January" (2013) 

The pop doesn't get much smoother or cooler than on Ms Celsi's new CD, "January". From the toe-tapping groove of "Au Revoir, My Darling" to the multi-layered beauty of "Kaleidoscope Heart" - Anny and her supporting cast of All-Stars deliver the hits in spades. Chill out thru the Summer doldrums with this nine-pack of goodness from the "Queen of Cool-Pop" - Anny Celsi!


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