Monday, July 1, 2013

Scott Brookman - "Smellicopter" (2013)

Scott Brookman

"Smellicopter" (2013)

The amazingly humble and talented Scott Brookman does INDEED have a new CD available on bandcamp and it's a corker!! Eleven fab, bright and breezy tunes to enhance your Summer! I can't recommend it more!! Good work, Scott!! Good tuneage, my friends!!

Here's what the "artiste" himself has to say on the subject: " "Smellicopter" has landed at Bandcamp. 72 years in the making, this pre-legendary release is Brookmania Productions' finest moment so far. You can listen to EACH song individually on Bandcamp and then make your purchasing decisions. This is a digital release only so far. It's just not a good time to make cds, though that is part of the plan in the next months."

Just get it!! NOW!

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