Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7, 2014 - The Play List

Sparky Sundays on ScrubRadio

Usually around about three hours of amazing Independent music streaming LIVE every Sunday on! Running the gambit from the avant garde - to acoustic - to power pop and beyond! Join the cool kids! Every Sunday, Noon to 3P Eastern (9-Noon Pacific, 5-8 PM UK) on ScrubRadio! However, due to technical difficulties this week - there's only the podcast to listen to! See the link right below... and then follow along as you listen and click on the artists below that pique your interest! 

NOW with two ways to catch ShockPop if you miss the LIVE Sunday broadcast! Simply click on the player below to listen to the current show reflected in this Blog post, OR tune in to the continuous streams on Howard Byrne's PowerPop Stew website and select the "2nd Helpings" player! ShockPop streams in the noon and midnight hours each day thanks to PowerPop Stew! How great is that!!

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AIR DATE: December 7, 2014

FEATURED ARTISTS: Paul Starling, Vanilla, Vinnie Zummo, Bill Mckechnie



Sundays, Noon-2P Eastern

... wherein we continued to dig my favorite 2014 releases! It's been a very good year...

1. ShockPop is On The Air with Duncan Faure ("Where Is The Music")
2. Bud Rogers - Hello
3. The Pengwins - If U Want 2
4. Mark Mikel - Just Another Lifetime Please
5. Phyllis Johnson - Mr.Callahan #15
6. The Legal Matters - So Long Sunny Days
7. Bill Mckechnie - Fluffy Snow (from the EP, "Nutty Christmas")
8. Cliff Hillis - Turn On A Dime
9. The Foreign Films - Teardrop Town
10. BlackDogHat - Just for the hell of it
11. Poppermost - What R U Talkin' About?
12. The Cherry Bluestorms - The Country Man
13. Vanilla - Hold Me Like A Grudge
14. Sir Video - She's A Killer
15. Ian Roberts - Come Outside and Play
16. Wharton Tiers Ensemble - Fit For A King
17. The Queen Annes - If You Could Only See Me Now
18. Paul Starling - Bones Beneath A Dead Man's Feet
19. Sons of Jet - Broken Record
20. The Well Wishers - Father Nature
21. The JAC - Love Dumb
22. Nick Vernier Band - Hope
23. Vinnie Zummo - It's The Holiday Time (from the CD, "A Retro Cool Mixed Bag Christmas")
24. Chris Richards & The Subtractions - I, Miss July
25. The Sharp Things - Can't Get Started
26. The Simple Carnival - The Problem With Friends
27. MOsART - Love Well
28. Nectarine - The Swing Of Things
29. The Click Beetles - So Glad it's Christmas (from the CD, "Merry Rock Against Bullshit Christmas- Volume 9")
30. Josh Woodward - Disappear
31. Maxi Dunn - Perfect Sorrow
32. Steve Caraway - Candy
33. Snippet - Run For Your Life
34. The Judes - Hey Hey Radio


Sorry, due to the tech problems there was no
"The Pillbugs Power Hour" this week. 

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