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December 14, 2014 - The Play Lists

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AIR DATE: December 14, 2014

FEATURED ARTISTS: DC Cardwell, The Hangabouts



Sundays, Noon-2P Eastern

... wherein we continue to dig my favorite releases of 2014! It's been a very good year...

1. ShockPop! is ON THE AIR with Ed James, "Welcome To The Show"
2. Toxic Melons - Change The World
3. Nine Times Blue - Matter Of Time
4. Andy Klingensmith - Oh Miss No Name
5. Siusan and Zig - Education
6. The Enzymes with The Active Ingredients - Desi Danced
7. Maini Sorri - Blue Song
8. The Hangabouts - Roman Forum
9. Myracle Brah - Alicent In Time
10. Iain Till - Come the Morning
11. The Corner Laughers - Midsommar
12. Vinnie Zummo - A Christmas Kind Of Love
13. Midlake - Antiphon
14. The Britannicas - Lyin' On The Ground (Eimerman)
15. David Brookings - Go Away
16. Antiqcool - Girl In A Room
17. Anne Marie Howard - Bursting brim
18. DC Cardwell - The Sun, The Moon, The Stars
19. The Mouth of Ghosts - Right On Time
20. Elijah Aaron - Love You So
21. Steve Caraway - Candy
22. Army Navy - Summer Morning
23. Ransom and the Subset - We'll Get By
24. Jay Stansfield - Oh What A Christmas
25. Pete McCabe - The 6 A.M. Train
26. The Sunchymes - Through my eyes
27. Magic Eight Ball - California In The Fall
28. Rachael Dunn - Placing Stars
29. Kerry Patrick Clark - A Simple Legacy
30. Vegas With Randolph - The Girl Holding Out For Me
31. Kevin Lee & The Kings - Gold Digger
32. The Hangabouts - November
33. Johnno Casson - Take a taste of your medicine


"The Pillbugs Power Hour" - Show # 174
Sundays, 2-3PM Eastern

1. Welcome To The Show
2. The Mark Mikel Hallucination - Your Artificial Stand-Up Man (3:43)
3. Dark Ocean Colors - When Both Our Worlds Collide (2:55)
4. The Pillbugs - The World's Most Harmless Villain (4:08)
5. Scott Tabner - We're All Slaves (5:24)
6. Mark Mikel - Putty In My Hands (4:23)
7. Scott Hunt - I Was Fine Without You (2:34)
8. The Mark Mikel Hallucination - Busy As A Bee (4:24)
9. Mark Mikel - So Much Lost In Love (3:17)
10. Dark Ocean Colors - Granny Smith (3:09)
11. The Pillbugs - North of Reality (4:19)
12. Mark Mikel - Sincerity (3:21)
13. The Pillbugs - Wait a Minute (3:49)
14. The Pillbugs - Big Green Nature Machine (4:07)
15. Chris Shutters - Wood Sheddin' (3:00)
16. Dark Ocean Colors - The Other Line (2:52)
17. The Pillbugs - Gazing At Clouds (2:41)
18. Goodbye From The Pillbugs Power Hour


Want to submit your original music for consideration?
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