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November 9, 2014 - The Play Lists

Sparky Sundays on ScrubRadio

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AIR DATE: November 9, 2014

FEATURED ARTISTS: Aerial, The Bobbleheads, and John Hunter Phillips



"ShockPop" Noon-2P EDT:

1. honeychain - Easy to Forget
2. Cloud Cult - Story Of The Grandson Of Jesus
3. The Squires Of The Subterrain - History
4. Beachy Head Music Club - Words
5. David Brookings - The Greatest Songwriter No One Ever Heard
6. Aerial - Cartoon Eyes, Cartoon Heart
7. The Blow Pops - Storybook
8. Rick Hromadka - Tough Love Letter Bomb
9. The Pozers - Whats the Story
10. KC Bowman - Cover Letter
11. The Bobbleheads - Get That
12. The Corner Laughers - Stonewords
13. Pet Lions - Roman History
14. Winterpills - Take Away The Words
15. Hey Ocean - fifteen words
16. A Gentle Tuesday - the future's on the run
17. John Hunter Phillips and the Hurricane Beach Band - The Ghost of Hurricane Beach
18. Maxi Dunn - Weather Warning
19. Beartown Zodiac - Write Me A Story
20. Dave Caruso - I've Tried To Write You
21. Gordon Weiss - Unforgivable
22. Tim Anthony - no words
23. The Mockers - Invisible Ink
24. King County Queens - Words I Can See
25. Doc Killian - Boss And Work Are 4 Letter Words
26. Love of the Brave - The Untold Story of the Love of the Brave
27. Malbec - Story Of A Broken Heart
28. Deadwall - Minus Two Words
29. Aerial - Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School?
30. Gaunt Story - Parietal Vessel
31. Chris Shutters - The Story Of My Life
32. The Songs of Tin Pan John - Perfect guy
33. Phillip Hartley - Words And Music
34. Ward White - I'll Make It Up To You
35. The Bobbleheads - Don't Ya Go

[BOLD = New Music for today!]


"The Pillbugs Power Hour" Show # 170

NOW ON 2-3 PM Eastern every Sunday!

1. Welcome To The Show
2. The Pillbugs - The Rock And Roll Show (4:45)
3. Dark Ocean Colors - Player In Your Game (5:05)
4. Mark Mikel - Lovesick (2:38)
5. Scott and Shelby Hunt - Charlie O (2:07)
6. Mark Mikel - She Can Fly So She Might Try (3:24)
7. The Pillbugs - Reprise (1:17)
8. Mark Mikel - Batman Is Flying In The Sky (3:24)
9. Mark Mikel - Never is here (3:17)
10. Mark Mikel - Passage of Eternity (3:30)
11. Scott Tabner - Thief For A Day (3:08)
12. Dark Ocean Colors - Lazy Lighthouse Jupiter Band (2:37)
13. The Pillbugs - The Last Confederate Soldier (2:16)
14. The Pillbugs - In The End (You're Moving On) (4:02)
15. Mark Mikel - Can't Dream You Anymore (edit) (3:34)
16. The Pillbugs - Get Away for the Summer (3:00)
17. Marikesh - Capital L-O-V-E (1:58)
18. Scott Hunt - All Those Questions (3:13)
19. The Mark Mikel Hallucination - Higher Llamas (2:58)
20. Dark Ocean Colors - Fade To Nothing (2:12)
21. Goodbye From The Pillbugs Power Hour

Want to submit your original music for consideration?
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