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November 16, 2014 - The Play Lists

Sparky Sundays on ScrubRadio

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AIR DATE: November 16, 2014

FEATURED ARTISTS: Dana Countryman, Myracle Brah



"ShockPop" Noon-2P EDT:

... I tells ya, it's a polar vortex out there ...

1. ShockPop is On The Air with Duncan Faure ("Where Is The Music")
2. The Corner Laughers - The Perfect Weather (Happy birthday, Karla!)
3. The Answering Machine - Obviously Cold
4. Mark Cote - Snowman In July
5. Jupiter Affect - Ice Cream Lolly
6. Paper Airplane - Four Trucks Sitting in the Snow
7. EPs Trailer Park - Hockeyskates & Butterflies
8. Mark Mikel - Dive Bombing Space Pigeons
9. The Wellingtons - For Friends In Far Away Places
10. Adam Daniel - Long Cold Winter
11. cold mailman - Time is of the essence
12. Dana Countryman - Mama Said I'm Not Supposed To Rock and Roll
13. Myracle Brah - Alicent In Time
14. The Olivia Tremor Control - NYC-25
15. The Foreign Films - The Snowglobe
16. Vegas With Randolph - Snow Day
17. Blake Jones & The Trike Shop - 8½ Ice Skaters
18. Nine Times Blue - Only Lonely (The Shovel Song)
19. Gary Ritchie - Cold Lies
20. Scott Brookman - Iceberglar
21. Richard Snow and The InLaws - If You Don't Rescue Me
22. Jeremy Messersmith - Snow Day
23. The Sonic Executive Sessions - Cold Front
24. Mark Mikel - Scream (Electric Dreams)
25. Snowglobe - Regime
26. Pete McCabe - Ice Age
27. Boy & Bear - Mexican Mavis
28. 8X8 - Snowflake In The Rain
29. The Olivia Tremor Control - Courtyard
30. Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers - Snow!
31. Myracle Brah - With A Girl Like You

[BOLD = New music for today!]


The Pillbugs Power Hour, Show # 171

2-3PM Eastern

CD Premiere!

1. Welcome To The Show
2.  - Dive Bombing Space Pigeons (4:01)
3.  - The Good Ones (3:13)
4.  - A Tree Named Beverly (3:19)
5.  - Can You Levitate (3:08)
6.  - Scream (Electric Dreams) (3:47)
7.  - Just Another Lifetime Please (3:07)
8.  - Lazy Sun (3:09)
9.  - Coronation Day (21:59)

Encore tracks:
10.  - Dive Bombing Space Pigeons (4:01)
11.  - The Good Ones (3:13)
12.  - Scream (Electric Dreams) (3:47)
13. Goodbye From The Pillbugs Power Hour

Want to submit your original music for consideration?
Contact Sparky at dtp2web@yahoo.com

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