Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The "Blue Card" Conundrum

The "Blue Card" Conundrum

I got "blue carded" on check-in for my flight...

Now I have no idea how or why I was thus selected ... but it ultimately meant that I DID NOT have to remove my shoes during the pre-flight screening.

There was an 80+ year old man ahead of me who was also so honored. I thought as that happened, "how nice of them to be so considerate to a senior citizen" ... but then I got the same treatment and it was more like, "WTF!?"

So I was trying to think of reasons why I would be so "carded" and I have come up with a few possibilities:

1) the TSA was so impressed (or embarrassed) by what they saw on my full body scan while boarding my flight the previous day, they didn't want to see "that" again.
2) the NSA has been following me and know from facebook that my left foot has been paining me from PF and didn't want to cause me more pain
3) the lady at the counter was a fellow fan of Mark Mikel and The Pillbugs and was at the concert the night before and saw me there and knew I was a righteous dude
4) I hadn't showered in almost 48 hours
5) I was "profiled"

So after a few hours of contemplation, I'm still stumped as to why I got this privilege. 

I actually Googled "TSA blue card" and found something called "PreCheck" that costs $100 and you have to go through extensive pre-flight interviews and questionnaires before you're granted it. 

I did none of that. 

I honestly think it must be that I was profiled as a "middle-age WASP that looks like your uncle"... (or it WAS my penis in the body scan) 

It's gotta be one or the other!

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