Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Michael Dermot - "Pilot" (2013)

Michael Dermot

"Pilot" (2013)

It's always a good day when a new artist and new music comes to my attention that just blows me away. And when it comes completely, unexpectedly from out of the blue - the thrill and amazement just intensifies! 

Such is my reaction upon hearing Minnesota native Michael Dermot's 2nd full-length CD, "Pilot". 

This is how I dig my alt/power pop! Catchy, toe-tapping songs of "happy dance" quality. Intelligent lyrics thoughtfully and intelligently presented in surprising arrangements ... stellar production with a judicious use of backing vocals and harmonious choruses. Really can't get any better than this collection and I love when I get the chance to say, "There's not a bad song on this disc!"

If this is Michael's "Pilot" episode... I'm signing on for the entire run of this series!

This "must have" CD can be yours starting April 30th!

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"Destiny Park"

"No Through Road"

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