Saturday, April 27, 2013

Donovan's Brain - "Turned Up Later" (2013)

Donovan's Brain

"Turned Up Later" (2013)

Fomenting for better than 25 years, Donovan's Brain has come to visit again bringing along dual mellotrons and whipping up a circa 1970 psych soundtrack for your head.

Aficionados of the Yardbirds, Buffalo Springfield, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and more will find ample nods to the genres masters within these 45 minutes of sonic bliss.

On first taste, "Take Me With You When You Go", "It's All Right With Me", "My Own Skin", "Restless Nights, Many Dreams", and "Fulcrum" were this listener's stand-out faves ... but on continued immersion the psychedelic sun blazes forth and you realize the sum of the whole is more impressive than you could ever have imagined.

Bozeman, Montana's "dirty little psychedelic secret" strives to open your eyes and ears 
with their new release, "Turned Up Later" and I for one think this disc has turned up just in time and deserves to be exposed for what it is.... Mind-blowingly superb!

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