Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maxi Dunn - "Edmund & Leo" (2013)

Maxi Dunn
"Edmund & Leo" (2013)

Like fine wine, Maxi Dunn's muse grows richer and deeper with age and so it comes as no surpise that the glowing patina of her craft shines brightest with her new collection, "Edmund & Leo". (In Stores February 25th)

From the breezy flow of "I'm Only Here Because Of You" (a song about breaking up?) to the infectious rhythm of "Take It Or Leave It" (a song about betrayal?) to the happy lilt of "Everything" (a song about finally facing the truth?), there seems to be a theme at times to this CD.

And perhaps that theme is that "Relationships are complex animals" - you have to take the good with the bad, the yin with the yang - and so in a somewhat similar vein that "theme" seems to be reflected in the composition of this fine collection of musical masterpieces.

The songs on "Edmund & Leo" are not necessarily what they seem to be on first listen. They're far more complex ... and that's a good thing!

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