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March 1, 2015 - The Play Lists

Sparky Sundays on ScrubRadio

Round about three hours of amazing Independent music streaming LIVE every Sunday on ScrubRadio.com! Running the gambit from the avant garde - to acoustic - to power pop and beyond! Join the cool kids! Every Sunday, Noon to 3P Eastern (9-Noon Pacific, 5-8 PM UK) on ScrubRadio! 

NOW with two ways to catch ShockPop if you miss the LIVE Sunday broadcast! Simply click on the player below to listen to the current show reflected in this Blog post, OR tune in to the continuous streams on Howard Byrne's PowerPop Stew website and select the "2nd Helpings" player! ShockPop streams in the noon and midnight hours each day thanks to PowerPop Stew! How great is that!!

Want to submit your original music for consideration?
Contact Sparky at dtp2web@yahoo.com

AIR DATE: March 1, 2015

FEATURED ARTISTS: Nick Piunti, Timmy Sean, The Campbell Apartment



Sundays, Noon-2P Eastern

1. ShockPop! is on the air - Somebody Get The Damn Door!!
2. The Forty Nineteens - have a good time
3. Radio Days - Hurts Too Much
4. Aerial - Why Don't They Teach Heartbreak At School?
5. Indianapolis Jones - Not Ghosts Yet
6. Nick Piunti - Head in the Clouds
7. Vegas With Randolph - I Could Be The One
8. The Big I Am - Clothes (Snippet Remix)
9. Jitter - A Mile Away
10. The Bobbleheads - Don't Ya Go
11. Timmy Sean - One Dimensional Man
12. Identical Suns - E.M.I.L.Y
13. The Olivia Tremor Control - Courtyard
14. Paul Butler - I remember Mabel
15. Bleu - When The Lights Go Out
16. Dreams of Alice - Bad Day Blues
17. The Campbell Apartment - Heroic Audio Display
18. Sleeping Naked - Poker Star
19. Andrew Belle - Oh My Stars
20. Dana Countryman - Baby, I'll Be Your Star
21. Jude Cowan and Wim Oudijk - Pussycat
22. Vanilla - Hold Me Like A Grudge
23. The Well Wishers - Father Nature (remaster)
24. Lauren O'Hara - Sunday Sun
25. Sproutless - Hannah, Are You Out There?
26. The Pillbugs - Captain Nemo
27. Ice Cream Men - Ruby Red Eyes
28. Greg Pope - Burden
29. Geggy Tah - P. Sluff
30. The Tomorrows - Jupiter Optimus Maximus

[BOLD = New Music for today]


"The Pillbugs Power Hour" - Show # 185
Sundays, 2-3PM Eastern

1. Welcome To The Show
2. Mark Mikel - (Sorghum Pudding) Theme from (2:26)
3. The Pillbugs - Plastic Surgical Holiday/Morning Mr Brain (4:28)
4. Scott Tabner - We're All Slaves (5:24)
5. The Pillbugs - Happy Birthday (4:03)
6. The Pillbugs - Sad Little Girl (3:20)
7. Marikesh - Love Is What You Want (2:11)
8. The Pillbugs - Can't Get It Right (So I'm Loving It Wrong) (3:43)
9. Dark Ocean Colors - The Other Line (2:52)
10. Mark Mikel - A Tree Named Beverly (3:19)
11. The Mark Mikel Hallucination - Serious Folks (2:28)
12. Mark Mikel - Idiot Smiles (3:07)
13. The Pillbugs - Do You Really Want to Go to the Center of the Sun? (3:26)
14. Scott and Shelby Hunt - I'm For You (4:51)
15. The Pillbugs - Neo Mega Quasi Ultra Super Groovy (3:04)
16. Chris Shutters - A Lover's Dream (2:30)
17. The Mark Mikel Hallucination - Love Is What You Want - LIVE (9:23)
18. Goodbye From The Pillbugs Power Hour

Want to submit your original music for consideration?
Contact Sparky at dtp2web@yahoo.com

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