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January 4, 2015 - The Play Lists

Sparky Sundays on ScrubRadio

Round about three hours of amazing Independent music streaming LIVE every Sunday on! Running the gambit from the avant garde - to acoustic - to power pop and beyond! Join the cool kids! Every Sunday, Noon to 3P Eastern (9-Noon Pacific, 5-8 PM UK) on ScrubRadio! 

NOW with two ways to catch ShockPop if you miss the LIVE Sunday broadcast! Simply click on the player below to listen to the current show reflected in this Blog post, OR tune in to the continuous streams on Howard Byrne's PowerPop Stew website and select the "2nd Helpings" player! ShockPop streams in the noon and midnight hours each day thanks to PowerPop Stew! How great is that!!

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AIR DATE: January 4, 2015



Sundays, Noon-2P Eastern

1. ShockPop is ON THE AIR with Duncan Faure - "Where Is The Music"
2. Timmy Sean - Everything I Want
3. Radio Days - Rock 'N' Roll Girl
4. The Yum Yums - get ugly
5. The Gilligans - The Girl In The Band
6. Bleu - The Blame Game
7. The Warped 45's - (Bring On That) New Depression
8. PT Walkley - If I Were British (Sing Along)
9. Sam Llanas - I'm Still Alive
10. Fluid Ounces - Sucker
11. Poplord - The Voyage Home
12. The After Hours - Kaliedoscopic
13. Phil Angotti - Out Of Thin Air
14. Le man avec les lunettes - Victoria's swimming pool
15. Shoes - Say It Like You Mean It
16. Two Sheds Jackson - Beautiful Sunchild (feat. Rick Hromadka)
17. Vegas With Randolph - She Does It For Me  (feat. Vinnie Zummo)
18. The Honey Wilders - Light of Day
19. The Red Button - Running Away
20. Achievements In Sound - Japanese Girlfriend
21. Tiny Volcano - Loaded Gun
22. p.j. olsson - Visine
23. Late Night Shopping - Late Night Shopping
24. Pete McCabe - Stranger Things
25. Captain Wilberforce - The Twilight Kids
26. Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements - Table Nine
27. Nicky Woodgate - Magic Carpets In The Sky
28. The Northwoods - Friends Of Angels
29. The Weightlifters - Oblivion Shines
30. Umajets - Mother
31. The Anatomy of Frank - Bill Murray
32. Symphony In Demeanor - Crazy Man

[BOLD = New music for today]


"The Pillbugs Power Hour" - Show # 177
Sundays, 2-3PM Eastern

1. Welcome To The Show
2. The Pillbugs - Gus Of The Fire Brigade (4:00)
3. Scott Hunt - Rising Wind (3:37)
4. The Pillbugs - Paper Aeroplanes (3:04)
5. Mark Mikel - The Ride You're On (3:06)
6. The Pillbugs - No Joke (5:16)
7. The Pillbugs - Sad Little Girl (3:20)
8. Mark Mikel - Dive Bombing Space Pigeons (4:01)
9. The Sprags - Fly By July (2:47)
10. The Pillbugs - Life As It Happens Pt 2 (0:43)
11. The Pillbugs - Four Sec Nightmare In A Five Sec Dream (4:22)
12. The Pillbugs - Can't Get It Right (So I'm Loving It Wrong) (3:43)
13. Mark Mikel - You've Got The Moves (4:21)
14. Mark Mikel - Going To a Love In (3:47)
15. The Pillbugs - I Could Never Be A Bird (2:11)
16. The Pillbugs - Do You Really Want to Go to the Center of the Sun? (3:26)
17. Scott and Shelby Hunt - The Lonesome Two (2:31)
18. The Pillbugs - Neo Mega Quasi Ultra Super Groovy (3:04)
19. Goodbye From The Pillbugs Power Hour

Want to submit your original music for consideration?
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