Monday, March 10, 2014

Toxic Melons - "Bus Therapy" (2014)

Toxic Melons

"Bus Therapy" (2014)

As foretold in the Book of Jellyfish - One day it would come to pass that a young lad from Newcastle-upon-Tyne would conceptualize his perceptions of power pop perfection into an album to be known as "Bus Therapy"  and would then be cheeky enough to put those glittering gems of melody, lyric, and composition to tape and offer them up for the public to discover, embrace, revere, and enjoy for ever more! And it was good. 

Damn! This is better than good, 
it's mind blowingly brilliant! 

Lend an ear to the opening track from Toxic Melons' "Bus Therapy" and then be the trend setter that you know you are, by getting on this bus NOW and supporting this   young lad's dream of giving life to this magnificent creation! 

"Twenty-one musicians/producers/engineers and graphic designers from England, Scotland, Sweden, The Hague, Australia and all across the U.S from L.A to PA took part in "Bus Therapy" which is incredible considering I put it all together from either a bus seat or a computer chair…in Newcastle…the obvious hub of the Power Pop world." 

Support the kickstarter campaign! 

"If you're a fan of The Beatles, Jellyfish, Queen, The Beach Boys, E.L.O and Power Pop in general, I think you might enjoy the album!" 


find out more about Toxic Melons on:
  facebook, bandcamp, reverbnation, youtube

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