Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Sharp Things - "Green Is Good" (2013)

The Sharp Things - "Green Is Good" (2013)

The Sharp Things are a New York City based "chamber pop collective" 
who have been honing their sound to a fine edge since the late 1990s.
Their newest project is a four-album series entitled "Dogs Of Bushwick". 
In progress since 2009, the first installment of Bushwick is 
their new album, "Green Is Good" (available for digital purchase on Feb 26, 2013).

Surreptitiously, the songs on "Green Is Good" creep into your brain ... defying a single genre classification ... From the simple acoustic beauty of "The Piper" to the electro-folk/soul-funk of "Here Comes The Maestro", this collection of finely blended "pop" (and I use that term in an all encompassing way) seasons the mix at times with a dash of Bee-Gees, a pinch of The Who, and even a tsp of Tower Of Power horns to take this new release to a "very tasty" level!

Buy The CD - "Green Is Good" (but I'm pretty sure they'll accept CC and E-cash too)

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